Yob and the Bird Dog is a book featuring siblings, Yob and Lerig. This book is designed to teach children to make good choices. In this book, Yob learns the value of trust and why it is important to obey the guidelines given to him by his parents.

Other Books by John Michael Helms

Finding Our Way Through the Wilderness

This life will eventually carry us through a wilderness, a period of life epitomized by hard- ships, suffering, wandering, and grief. The wilderness can also be a time to withdraw from the world, to give up something of significance in order to think, pray, read, and...

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Finding Our Way Through the Labyrinth of Life

Through the art of story and the discipline of reflection, Finding Our Way Through the Labyrinth of Life helps each reader discover the path to serenity through self-discovery and the contemplation of God's timeless truths in an ever-changing world.

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