Deacon Retreats

Dr. Michael Helms has been working with deacon ministers for over 25 years.  He has helped churches move from a board concept of ministry to a more servant oriented model of ministry.  He has helped FBC Jefferson move from the Deacon Family Ministry Plan, made popular decades ago, to a Deacon Team Model, which is based on the individual gifts of deacons working as a team.  While deacons in most Baptist churches still fulfill some role as overseers and still become involved in the judicary processes of the church, Michael believes that the most biblical model for deacons is as servant ministers to the congregation.  This is best done in a team concept, which was modeled by Jesus and used by the early church.


Retreat topics options may include but are not limited to the following:

1)  From Managers to Ministers: A Brief Look at Deacon Ministry in the Baptist Church

2)  The Deacon Ministry Team: A Biblical and Workable Plan of Deacon Ministry that Yields Results

3) Emptying the Self in Order to be Filled with Christ: A Praying Exercise to Bring Deacons Closer to Christ

4) Learning Shepherding Skills for Effective Ministry

5) Transformation Through Deacon Ministry

6) Service to Others: The Defining Nature of Deacon Ministry

7) A Deacon Covenant Worth Embracing


“Michael was a calming presence among our deacons as they met on a Saturday morning for conversation about their service as deacons. Deacons often are anxious as ministers about their role in the church. Getting together with someone to discuss that role is even more anxious. Michael offered them meaningful, but affirming conversation about their service to the church. He emphasized the leadership deacons give when they serve in their uniquely, gifted capacities.”  – Dr. Craig Williamson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Manchester, GA

“As our pastor, Michael introduced our church to the deacon ministry team concept, which we have subsequently implemented under our current pastor.  We are achieving considerable success…Deacons are now more confident and effective because they are working in ministry areas where they can use their individual abilities and strengths.  Michael is a gifted leader and encourager who works with deacons to affirm their efforts and help them find meaning in their servant role.”—Don Callaway, former Deacon Chair at Trinity Baptist Church, Moultrie, GA.

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