Interim Pastoral Ministry

My calling to the preaching profession came as early as age eleven.

I made the commitment in a revival service the year after I was baptized.

As a senior in high school, I was licensed to the gospel ministry and began preaching at a country church my freshman year in college.
I continued to preach for two years until I transferred to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. There I participated in the H-Day Program and preached in churches throughout Alabama until I graduated.

The summer after graduation I married Tina, and we went to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since then, I have been a youth pastor and pastored three different churches for over 30 years of pastoral experience.

Upon my retirement from full-time congregational ministry, I am now a Board-Certified Chaplain, Pastoral Counselor, and Life Coach. I am also trained as an Intentional Interim Pastor by The Center of Congregational Health.

I am qualified to come to your church and help you during the time your church is without a pastor.

I have the skills to help you put together a transition team to gather the information you need before you begin the pastor search phase of your process.

I can preach and provide all the necessary pastoral care and administrative duties during the interim period, regardless of your denomination.

I have the experience you need to help hold your church together and even help you it grow spiritually during this time of searching.

Pulpit Supply

My preaching style is conversational. I can use the lectionary or I can preach topically.

When I read the parables of Jesus, I notice that there is usually one main point, one main thought, to Jesus’ lessons. It’s difficult to improve on the way Jesus taught. The goal of my messages is for you the remember one main thought, not a list of ten points. If you can remember one main thought that you can apply to your life during the week, then the message was successful and it was worth your time to hear it and more importantly, to put into practice.

I can be transparent, but not over revealing, humorous, but not irreverent, convicting, but not judgmental. I can lead you to the cross, without being pious.

If you need someone to fill the pulpit for a Sunday or two, or for a few weeks, call me and let me give your pastor a much-needed rest.

Contact Me

Call me at 678-326-4352 or email me at You can also send me a message here.