Labyrinth Workshops

What is a Labyrinth and why would your organization benefit from a labyrinth workshop?

A labyrinth is a patterned design similar to a maze, that has one entrance, and one path leading to the middle of the design unimpeded and back with no navigational challenge.
Labyrinths have existed for thousands of years, existing on coins as early as 430 BC. Many are large enough that they can be walked. They are often found to be therapeutic, as people use them to focus their thoughts and prayers. They are popular in churches, hospitals, and parks.

Dr. Helms can put together a workshop for people of all ages, even multi- generational.

During the worship participants are taught how to draw a 3 and 7 circuit labyrinth. Participants will make their own finger labyrinth.
During the time participants are working on their labyrinths, some historical information is shared about labyrinths.

Participants will be shown many different kinds of labyrinths.

During the workshop, it will be demonstrated how the labyrinth can be used for prayer and meditation.

A very large walking labyrinth will be brought to the workshop and participants get an opportunity to walk a labyrinth. The instructor will lead workshop participants through a time of guided prayer using the labyrinth.