Life Coaching

Maximize Your Personal and Professional Potential.

The word “coach” has been around since the 15-century when it was first used to describe a box seat with wheels that was pulled by two horses.

Later these coaches became a primary source of transportation used to carry passengers long distances.

In the 1930s, the word ‘coach” was used for a tutor that was assigned to assist students at Harvard who were having trouble passing their courses.

Everyone is familiar with the term as it relates to athletics.

What all these terms have in common is that a coach helps a person get from one place in life to another.

In the last few decades, the word “coach” has become well-known to people in business, ministry, health, and fitness, who have passions and dreams that they have not yet realized. They see the future and the potential the future holds, so they seek out a coach to help them get to the next level of proficiency in life.

What about you? Are you someone who desires to be everything you were created to be?

There are some people who by nature are goal-oriented, driven to be high achievers, but they desire to live a well-balanced life, focused, and one that is in keeping with their values. They wish to make decisions that do not compromise their integrity.

Does that describe you? If so, how do you get from one place to the next in life?

May I suggest that a coach will help? To be clear, a coach will not provide the energy, drive, desire, integrity, honesty, and ethical standards to achieve your goals and dreams. No, no, you supply all of that.

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As your coach, I will help you discover who you are in relation to your goals.

I will ask you to clarify what you value. I will get you to revisit your calling and discover where or in whom you find your identity. I will be the weight on the scales that helps you keep your life in balance.

If you are wanting to be all that you can be, if you want to become all that you can become, if you want to make sure that the ministry you have been called to does not consume you but remains a passion, if you want to be present for your family and not be depleted by your work, if you want to get to the finish line in the world of ministry without burning out, then you need a coach.

Bring me on board. Allow me to listen to your life. Use me to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.