Life Coaching

Maximize Your Personal and Professional Potential.

John Michael Helms, Life Coach

I have been trained as a Life Coach by Summit Coach Training by Pinnacle. Summit is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. As a member of ICF, I adhere to the organization’s ethical standards.


Life Coaching is an Investment in Yourself

Life Coaching is a coach/client partnership in which the client enters into a thought-provoking and creative process designed to maximize his/her personal and professional potential.  

This is NOT therapy, consulting, or even advice-giving. Rather, coaching is a client-centered approach where the client is responsible for creating and implementing his/her physical, mental, and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, and actions.  The results arise out of the coaching/client experience as the coach is trained in knowing how to produce result through expert questioning. 

The intended goals in coaching are for the client to you gain confidence, self-awareness, goal and value clarity, a growth mindset, improved work performance, better communication skills, a higher sense of purpose and meaning, improved overall well-being, and to leave sessions with clearer goals, a strategy for achieving those goals, and a lower stress level.

Most of these life coaching sessions take place virtually.  I’m happy to give you a free 30-minute coaching session to get you started.

Send me an email at, or call me at 678-326-4352, and indicate that you are interested in life coaching.  Tell me a bit about the kind of coaching you are looking for. From there, we will set up the free 30-minute session, and plan our first session together. 



Contact Me

Call me at 678-326-4352 or email me at You can also send me a message here.

His Guidance is Valued

Michael is a very compassionate and thoughtful coach who has helped me work through a difficult time. I value his guidance and plan to continue to seek his counsel as a life coach.  HG

His Coaching Gave Me Clarity for my Next Steps

Michael’s coaching sessions have given me an inviting space to talk through work-related challenges and strategize next steps. I would highly recommend him to those looking for a calm and compassionate listener. His background in counseling developed his strong listening skills, and his International Coaching Federation training sharpened his wisdom for asking good questions. His incisive questions highlighted blind spots and helped me get to the root of issues I needed to address, which gave me clarity for my next steps.  Andrea



Dr. Helms' Coaching Sessions Were Valuable

Dr. Helms and I were able to meet once a month over a 6-month period. I appreciate that he let me bring my issues to the table. Then, he led me to consider a variety of options and think through possible plans of action. The sessions were very valuable.  Richard D.

Michael's Coaching Sessions Helped Me Work Through Personal and Professional Matters

Michael does an outstanding job of listening attentively and carefully, asking thoughtful and thought-provoking questions. He is empathetic, kind and patient in helping you talk / think through various issues that you want to work through – whether they be personal or professional, major or minor matters.  Zach

Michael Is Coaching Me Through Retirment Issues

Michael’s calm and insightful presence has been very helpful to me in organizing the next steps for me as I addressed my retirement. I signed up for six months of sessions and found it so productive that I left our time together open-ended.  Wanda

Life Coaching

Many men and women seek a life coach to help them become the most successful person they can be. Clients may talk about their job, finances, relationships, goals, or values. I am trained to help you find your way with whatever topic or issue you bring to the session. I can also help you with specific areas of coaching.  Some of them are listed below.

Retirement Coaching

Most people want to be productive, active, healthy, and needed long after they stop working full-time. To get the most out of these years, you need to plan and be intentional. Those who enjoy their retirement years the most, do so because they are intentional about planning out their days and seeking to live productive, meaningful lives. Allow me to hear your dreams, and help you continue to be successful as you find your way through the latter years of your life.

Transitional Coaching

Transitions can be exciting and filled with opportunity, but most also come with a fair share of stress and uncertainty.  Life is filled with transitions: leaving home, marriage, new job, loss of job, moving to a new city, death of parents, divorce, empy nest, sell of a business, retirement, taking care of an aging parent, reaching a significant age, selling a home, ending a friendship, and more.  Do you find yourself in a transition and feel lost?  You don’t have to go through this period alone.  Bring me alongside of you to be your coach and let me help you find your way.  

Relationship Coaching

I have over 30 years of experience helping people find their way to healthier relationships with friends, coworkers, family members, spouse, a new dating experience, even a x-spouse.  You may need to set boundaries, evaluate priorities, identify problems, or redefine your values and motives.  Bring me alongside you as your coach so you can find your way to happier, more meaningful relationships.

Coach to Athletic Coaches

Coaches live unique lives with unique pressures. The public usually defines a successful coach by his/her win/loss record.  This creates a lot of pressure to win and produce winners.  A coach is away from his/her family a lot during the season and this places stress on the relationship. An athletic coach has great opportunities to affect the lives of a lot of people, but values and priorities have to be in the right place.  I gear my coaching to help coaches insure their priorties are in the right place.  I want to help coaches succeed and become the best version of one’s self he/she can be.  Every coach needs a coach to help him/her reflect on his/her values, ethics, time management, self-care, family life, stress levels, faith, relationships to staff/team/parents, and what success looks like to them. If you are a coach, make me a part of your team and allow me to help you find your way.

Self-Care Coaching

Do you need to keep a better balance between work and self-care? Do you need to play more and work less? Do you struggle to take care of yourself? Are you a person that has neglected yourself because you have been taking care of others?  Do you properly attend to your mind, body, and spirit? Bring me alongside and allow me to help find your way to better self-care.

Men's Issues Coaching

Attention Men! At one time in life, it’s likely you had a coach: little league, soccer, football, swimming, basketball, or someone coached you how to perform a certain task in scouts or in technology.  We never outgrow the need to be coached.  We just grow too pridefull.  All of us still want to be successful at our jobs, marriage, relationships, finances, health, love life, friendships, raising children, and our faith?  Few of us invite someone to listen to our ideas and motives and poses challenging questions so we can ponder whether we are on the right path.  Bring me alongside and I will help you find your way to being a better man.    

Clergy Coaching

As recently as 2021, a Barna survey found that 29% of pastors had considered quitting in the past year. One denomination found that 70% of their clergy dropped out within the first ten years of ministry, citing problems such as financial stress, time pressures, a gnawing sense of failure, leadership dysfunction, loneliness, and constant criticism. If you are a senior pastor, an associate minister, or a minister outside of the local church, your calling is unique. The pressures and challenges you have of taking care of people are unique to your calling.  With over 30 years of experience in the local church, I understand the pressures you face. Allow me to come alongside you to help you sustain your ministry and find your way in the midst of the storms that threaten  your leadership, and more importantly, help you contintue to fulfill your calling with confidence that you are making the best decisions possible.