Speaking Engagements

If your church, Rotary club, Women’s Missionary Union, or local school needs a speaker for a luncheon, program, or special event, contact me.

I might be able to help.

Obviously, these are all very diverse settings but I am very versatile speaker. I have a wide variety of topics that might fit your specific needs.

For example, I can bring a presentation on missions in Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world and share what my foundation, the Bricks for Ricks Liberian Housing Foundation, Inc is doing to help provide housing in that country.

If humor is what you are looking for, I have a comedy routine that will leave your people laughing all the way home. Warning: this is backwoods Redneck humor. My character Rufus Ledbetter from Bubbacilla, Alabama will bring you some “Hee Haw” humor you will not soon forget. This is not off color. It’s just off.

If you need a speaker to speak on mental health issues the guy in the photo above is not your guy. However, I can provide an excellent presentation from my experience as a pastoral counselor on topics like grief, stress, anxiety, issues related to marriage/relationships, and the struggles of raising and parenting children.

Are you just looking for someone to bring you a word of inspiration, nothing preachy, just something uplifting that will help you move through your week and motivate you to be a better person?

I can do inspiration.

Do you need someone to teach a Bible study series in your church or small group? In my 30 plus years of congregational ministry, I’ve done many of those. What would you like for me to do?

Like any speaking engagement, preparation is the key. It’s important to call and book me in advance to give me time to prepare and to give you time to promote.

Contact Me

Call me at 678-326-4352 or email me at johnmichaelhelms@gmail.com. You can also send me a message here.