Spiritual Direction

Discern What God is Saying and Doing in Your Life.

What is Spiritual Direction?

A focus on holistic healing places emphasis on the mind, body, and spirit.

If any one of these is not strong, it adversely affects the other two.

Spiritual Direction is a process of seeking a connection with God, finding meaning and purpose in your journey, and interpreting your encounter or lack of an encounter with God for each phase of your journey.

This service is often provided by pastors, clergy, priests, and chaplains.  Sometimes it is provided by members of the laity who are recognized by their church as spiritual leaders.

While the number of Americans who do not identify with any religion has been on the increase, most people still identify themselves as spiritual in some way.  Because of this, fewer people are likely to seek out a professional minister from a church to discuss important matters of faith.

In addition, many people that have been involved in the church in the past, no longer have a strong relationship with a pastor or members of the church.

For this reason, I offer sessions to specifically talk to people about issues related to spiritual direction. Regardless of whether you attend church, once attended, or have never had a relationship with a church, I am available to you to discuss spiritual issues.

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Why Choose A Spiritual Director?

Perhaps you have struggled with your beliefs in God or about God because of something tragic that has happened in your life or in the world around you.

Perhaps you struggle with believing in certain passages of the Bible or the writings of other faith systems.

The God you once believed in as a child may no longer be the God you believe in now, which may cause you to doubt your faith, or what you were taught to believe, and you to wonder where that leaves your relationship with God.

You might be angry with God or you might not even believe in God but want to talk with someone about your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

It could be that you want someone to walk with you for a time as you explore a calling to another area of work, commitment to a relationship, or specific area of study.


The space I have carved out for you through “Finding Your Way,” is a safe space.  It is a space where you are free to ask, seek, explore, question, and propose any theological concept or question without judgment.

It is a space where you can seek answers, and raise questions in the Spirit of Roger Williams, who founded the first colony in America where citizenship and religion were separate.  He allowed religious liberty and separation of church and state to exist in the colony.  People were free to practice any religion they chose or no religion at all.

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As your spiritual director, I will come alongside you.  I will try not to get out in front of you and call you, or get behind you and push you to where I think you need to be.

Instead, I will encourage you to be open to God’s leadership through His Spirit.  I will journey with you and help you explore by asking you questions which I expect you to wrestle with and contemplate.

I will be more like Phillip in Acts chapter 8, who came alongside the Ethiopian eunuch who was traveling back to his home country after being in Jerusalem.

Phillip asked the right questions and at the eunuch’s invitation, he assisted him in showing him the connection between the text he was reading in Isaiah and the person the text was pointing to, Jesus of Nazareth.

When the answers are not clear, when the path is not clearly revealed, I will struggle with you, pray with you, and join with you in seeking God’s will.

Having a Spiritual Director is good because you will know that you have someone that cares, someone that empathizes with you in your struggles, and someone that will celebrate with you as you find your way.

You do not have to belong to a church, attend church, know much about God, or the Bible, or any other religion or religious book to secure me as a spiritual director.


  1. A desire to have spiritual direction in your life.
  2. A willingness to journey with God in order to understand what God is doing and saying in your life.
  3. A promise to bring honesty and transparency to all sessions.
  4. A willingness to engage in some spiritual disciplines such as prayer, scripture, and/or devotional reading, meditation, and journaling to seek God’s will.   If you do not believe in God, or if you are not sure what you believe about God, then at least be open to mystery and the possibility that God may surprise you along the way.
  5. A commitment to attend sessions.