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Make Technology Work For You

One of the things the Pandemic did was drive the world indoors.

Most of us hated it!

However, In the process, we discovered a few valuable things. One of those things was that we don’t have to travel away from our homes for EVERYTHING.

In an effort to reclaim some of our time, many people and businesses are now working smarter, not harder. People are taking advantage of technology.

One area I see this happening is in medicine.

Who wants to go to a doctor, sit in a waiting room for an hour where you might actually get sick, see a doctor for ten minutes, and leave? Counting travel time, the visit takes hours out of your day when you could have done everything through a zoom call via the Internet in about 15.

Of course, not all doctors’ visits can be done this way, but many can.

I have discovered that most counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction sessions are just as effective via the Internet if the client is agreeable to the process and is comfortable with the technology.

In fact, having the technology available takes one more excuse away, as many often use their work or their schedules as an excuse for not getting started with self-improvement.

It’s easy! If you own a computer and receive email, that’s all you need.

I will send you a link. You will clink on the link and you will but connected to a video link that I use for the conferencing call. It’s that simple.

When you set up an appointment with me, just indicate that you want a “Tele” appointment.

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